ErosGod Real Customer Testimonials

(Note: Actual names have been changed for privacy protection)

1. Hello , My husband recently purchased your product. How explicit can I be in giving my personal expierence with the woderful results ? Thank you

Jannelle, Palm Beach Fl.

2. WOW! What a product! No side effects and all natural. I was a little apprehensive but I figured I've tried Viagra with some positive results but my concern was the price. Your product does work with great results. Thank you for a natural alternative at a reasonable price. Consider me a very satisfied customer who will be ordering your product regularly. Thank you again!

James,46 Ney York.

3.Thank you so much. With all the stress in my life, I was lacking desire and the ability to maintain an erection during sex. I ordered your product before my vacation trip and it came in the day before we left. I decided to take the pills that day....and wow, I had forgotten that I had taken them. I noticed that while I am not erect, my penis and testicles are fuller and hang heavier. With that in mind, I got a lot of glances at the beach and shower. I was surprised that even coming straight out of the water after swimming, my bulge was very noticeable. I now know the joy of having multiple ejaculations during sex, and it's like I hadn't ejaculated in a week, the volume of semen is incredible...Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Jay, Nevada.

4.My wife and I thank you! This product saved my sex life! I couldn't keep and erection for any length of time before, but after taking just 2 ErosGod, I couldn't keep it down!!! Even my wife said WOW!!!!

Tom, Wisconsin.

5.This pill would be great for anybody. I’m 40 years old and I tried it and within a half hour I could feel it working! My girlfriend actually could not keep up with me. It even works with alcohol and kept me going for a looooong time. This pill is perfect whether your sober or after drinking and I would recommend it to everybody in any condition. It will turn your softness into rock-hardness for a long time. Thanks for a great pill. This is better than anything I’ve ever tried! When I need a hand getting it up I always turn to ErosGod. I definitely plan to continue using ErosGod for as long as it’s available! And I just put in another Order !!!!!!!!!! – Thanks

Gilbert, AZ.

6.Wow!! What an amazing product! I have had some problems achieving and maintaining an erection to the point it was not helping out my sex life at home. I bought the first box and tried 2 pills, within 20 - 30 minutes, I had the biggest and hardest erection I've had in years!! I have since used up the original box, and have ordered 2 more just so I don't run out! Imagine, having an erection when you wake up in the morning! I haven't had those in years! You have the ultimate erection producing product here, and I will be a customer of yours for life!! Thanks!!!!! p.s My wife loves the end result

Mark, San Francisco.

7.I have an ED problem. My doctor wouldn't prescribe viagra because of my high blood pressure. I did get some viagra on the internet, but it didn't work well. Have received a number of flyers from other companies and tried some of their products without any success. Have used a pump with limited satisfaction. Either had to use it before getting my wife aroused or stop in the middle of a passionate moment and use the pump. Finally found your product on the internet and decided to try it. Am glad I did. I can start kissing my wife and feel my penis getting on an erection. By the time my wife is aroused for sex, I have a hard erection. Also, feels great to wake up during the night with hard erections. Thanks ErosGod, your product makes me emotionally feel like a man again.

John, Maryland.

8.I would like to thank the makers of ErosGod for bringing back my sex life. I'm 55 and I suffer from E.D. that was diagnosed a few years ago. I have tried Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis and have had some success with the prescription drugs, but I don't like some of the side effects. I have also tried Orexis, Pro-Solution, and Maxoderm but they did absolutely nothing for me.I was very skeptical about ordering ErosGod, but considering the 30 day money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose and ordered a one month supply. I'm so glad I did. I didn't get any result after the first twenty minutes, but I awoke the next morning with an erection as though I was 20 again. I haven't had a morning erection in several years. Let me tell y0u....... it was great and I was aroused all day just thinking about getting home to have sex with my wife. We made love for over an hour that first night and I was amazed that after just a couple of hours, I was able to get erect again. Needless to say my wife was very pleased as well and the effects amazingly lasted for two more days. I will most definitely be placing a second order so I don't run out. Thanks again ErosGod.....................Your Product Really Works !!!

George, Rhode Island.

9.Just wanted to say thank you for your product. I was extremely skeptical about yours and similar products to enhance semen volume, grow larger penis, and so on, because I have tried several of them and just wasted my money each time. But your product does work. I can take one, and for the next 24 - 36 hours can get a rock hard, stiff erection almost anytime, anywhere, with just a little physical "stimulation." My wife sent me an instant message at the office one afternoon, and was very hot, wet and horny. So I dropped everything a went home, after taking 2 ErosGod. In about 30 minutes, with a little foreplay and stimulation, I had a rock hard, stiff erection that totally satisfied my wife and me. And I should tell you, I am 53 years old, on medications that tend to decrease my ability to have an erection, and in the past never knew what was going to happen when we were feeling amorous. And I seem to have no side effects. I'm ordering more today!

Ray, Georgia.

10.i just got it yesterday. i got it for my boyfriend we tried it and it works great. i am so happy with it. i am going buy it for him again. we have a good sex like but i just wanted to try something new and Erosgod soooooooooooo works. we have been together for 3yrs. and we still have hot sex. it is great and so is this erosgod. i am going tell my girlfriends that they have to try this with their men and see that it really does work. i didn't think he was ever going cum but when he did... ohhhhhhhhh so did i . thank you for a lot of hot sex. and i am soooooo pleassssed

Michelle, Texas.

11.I have tried your Erosgod and I must say this is much better then Viagra, I was shocked by the length of the performance I had. This is a very very good product and have recommended it to my friends, some have tried it and were amazed how well they worked. I have just placed my third order and waiting for it to arrive. PS I am 56 and my girl friend is 35 she loves the performance also. Thank You for the great product.

Scott, Washignton D.C.

12.I must write to you to thank you for the sexual enhancer, Erosgod!  I'm a youthful 64 year old man beginning  a  wonderful new relationship with a  44 year old woman.  I had recently begun to experience bouts of erectile dysfunction that obviously produced some stressful situations in our sex life.  After meeting with my physician it was determined that I would not be a candidate for Viagra or similar drugs due to some previous vision problems I had experienced that made me at risk for further vision loss with the use of a PDE5 inhibitor.  One other alternative was the use of MUSE which is a penile suppository that works to increase blood flow to the penis. I gave MUSE a try.  It  is difficult to use, not that effective, very expensive and not reimbursed by most prescription drug plans.  Well, it was now becoming very distressing to me as to my options to deal with this ED problem. So, I decided to order ErosGod and give it a try even though I was very skeptical about a "natural" means to create harder and longer lasting erections.  Well, I must report to you that ErosGod worked extremely well for me.  I took two pills and in less than 30 minutes I experienced a "rock hard" erection that allowed me to experience sex like I was in my twenties!  I had frequent sex with my partner over the course of the next few days that was extremely satisfying for both of us.  I am true believer in this product and will continue to use it on a regular basis.  Thanks again for a product that gave me back my sex life...........

Taylor, Dellaware.

13.I have been using your product for 6 months, i'm here to tell you your product is fantastic. I have given some to seversl friends and all have had the same great results. THANKS !!!!!

Anthony, Michigan.

14.Of course I was skeptical at first that this product would work. Now I am a FIRM believer. I could not believe the results! I'm amazed at the size, endurance and readiness to go at it again within a few minutes. And on top of all this: IT'S ALL NATURAL! I don't have to wonder if something negative will be the result of so much pleasure! Thanks!

D. 45, Chicago.

15. I'm a Divorcee, My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years but the last four years have been a real struggle since his erection only last about 30-45 secs. so my only pleasure was oral sex which I love, but sometimes it's not good enough. I started searching for answers and I discover this website and decided to give it a try. what an amazing little pill! I did not know what to expect so I only use 1 capsule. I open the capsule and put it in a red bull energy drink and give it to him within 15min he was ready. we made love 4 times in 18 hours each time lasting about 45min to 1hr. it could have been more ,but I had to leave town the next day. for the next 3 night we chat in the phone and he always say his penis is hard as a rock and can't wait for me to come home. that little pill have save my relationship and I want to thank you all at erosgod for this invention. IT REALLY WORKS, I KNOW, HE TRIED IT ON ME.

Vicky, Kentuky.

(Note: Actual names have been changed for privacy protection)